Retired Ex-Husband Accused of Killing Ex-Wife Over Divorce Award Which He Felt Judge “Stole” from Him

Retired NY police officer (Husband) is on trial for murder … of his former Wife. He allegedly killed her in 2007, while she was waiting to pick up their now 27 year old Daughter from a Park and Ride location.

The couple separated in 1999 and their divorce was finalized in 2003.

Wife was awarded child support, alimony, half the proceeds of sale of the marital home, her jewelry and most of Husband’s police pension. Husband was most recently employed as a manager at a fast foot restaurant in Florida.

Husband tried to negotiate a better settlement through Daughter, with whom he had had no other contact since 2000. He wrote in an unsolicited note that the judge “stole” from him and “I intend to get it back”.

Daughter had disowned Husband and, out of fear, had taken steps to keep information about herself from him. She found the note in her car.

Husband’s co-worker testified that he spoke more than once, over the course of a year, of wanting to kill his ex-Wife for taking his money.

At 63 years of age, Husband faces 25 years’ confinement to life. And his worries over his assets have likely been displaced by others.

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