Save the Internet Now: Act to Preserve Free Speech and Equal Access

Certain large telecommunications corporations are reportedly agitating to change how the internet works, has been working, since its inception.

These media enterprises want to regulate and control who gets to publish on the internet and, by extension, what gets published on the internet.

Look back on the (d)evolution of much of the traditional print media.

The internet is the last communications medium offering equal access to free, independent speech.

If you support those core values, as this site does, please visit the homepage for the Save the Internet campaign and consider signing the non-partisan petition to preserve network neutrality, free speech on the internet and equal access to the internet’s publishing infrastructure.

If you don’t act now, many of the websites that you now visit for free, independent legal (and other) information that you can’t get anywhere else – just may get shut down or virtually crippled in the near future.

Let your voice be heard.

Please Save the Net.

Before it’s too late.