SC: Yet Another Effort to Protect Parental Rights of Parents Serving in the Military

The issue of parents in the military suffering adverse rulings in family courts at home while they are away on deployment just doesn’t quit.

The latest state to enter the fray is South Carolina, with its pending Military Parent Equal Protection Act.

The proposed legislation is intended to stop permanent changes to custody orders or entry of permanent custody orders while or because a parent is deployed in the military.

The bill also requires the parent with physical custody to allow visitation during the military parent’s leaves from active duty.

Another change in the pending act is a prohibition of permanent changes to child support orders based on military pay.

The main theme is keeping any changes made to accommodate or otherwise because of military service by one parent as temporary changes.

Unfortunately, if passed, the legislation would likely make more work for family court judges and tend to clog their dockets.

Read more in this Beaufort [SC] Gazette article: Legislators: Military members on active duty shouldn’t have to fight custody battles.