Securities and Exchange Commission Takes an Interest in a Divorce

Husband and Wife divorce.

Husband used to work for large software company.

Husband’s financial disclosure in divorce reveals two large payments and anticipates a further large payment from a so-called hedge fund.

Wife seeks a share of such monies. Husband impliedly disputes her right.

Further complication …

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reportedly previously investigated suspicions of insider trading between Husband and the hedge fund in stock of Husband’s former employer.

SEC has reopened the investigation since certain information and evidence came to light in the divorce case.

Wife was supposedly in possession of Husband’s computer’s hard drive, which may have had evidence stored on it. The SEC subpoenaed the drive.

Family court judge ordered that $250,000 of past payments from the hedge fund to Husband be held in escrow pending outcome of the SEC investigation.

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