Service of Process: It’s Not for the Faint of Heart

Most of the time, launching a family court case is fairly straightforward. But sometimes, it’s really not.

Because the client doesn’t know where their ex lives – or works – or “hangs out”.

This can make serving their ex slow and expensive, via trial and error or, sometimes, ultimately, what is called “constructive service”, by publication.

But slow and expensive is never popular with clients. Which is why this Wife’s efforts to serve her billionaire Russian Husband resonate.

He lives abroad and has reportedly gone to great lengths to secure his person and evade service in Wife’s US lawsuits – what with tens of millions of dollars at stake, including a $95 million mansion here in Florida.

And Wife’s process server has gone to equally great lengths to make service on Husband.

Such as leaping atop Husband’s car, while it was traveling at high speed.

And lying in wait as Husband boarded his private plane.

The typical process server receiving the average process server’s fee may not be willing to resort to such extreme measures for just any case though.

Sometimes making for very frustrated clients (or opposing parties) … and cases that drag on without really getting out of the gate.

A billionairess may be able to re-stack the deck in her own favor a little better than the average client though.

But anyone who really needs him just may want to take a chance and give Wife’s process server a call anyway …

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