Possible Settlement Promotion Technique in High Profile Cases: Denial of Sealing

Although there has been much written about it in the mainstream media and this blog, Florida is hardly the only state where the rich and the powerful have successfully cloaked their divorce (and other) proceedings in secrecy using a legal mechanism called sealing.

A high profile San Francisco attorney has zealously attempted to seal records pertaining to custody and visitation in his contested divorce case.

And that in itself has spawned quite a bit of publicity – not favorable to him.

Also unfavorable to him have been the court’s denials of the attorney’s motions to seal.

Perhaps as a result, the bitter proceedings appear to have ratcheted down, on their way to settling amicably.

Just like most family court cases eventually do.

Read more in this SF Weekly article: Sealed With a Dis – A powerful Bay Area trial lawyer with political connections tries to keep details of his messy divorce from going public.