Shades of Domestic Violence … Aftermath …

Husband and Wife have four year old Daughter.

Unbeknownst to Wife, Husband and Wife’s marriage has hit the skids.

Husband allegedly sends text messages intended for a contract killer, instructing him to murder not only Wife but also Daughter.

Luckily, the text messages are misdirected to Husband’s former work Supervisor.

Supervisor takes the messages seriously, and reports them to law enforcement.

As a result, Wife and Daughter remain safe, and Husband is arrested on charges of criminal solicitation for first-degree murder., two counts.

Husband’s apparent motive is collecting on Wife’s $500K life insurance policy. Husband has reportedly been unemployed for a while.

Husband contends that he wrote the text message some time ago, in a moment of anger, but that he never sent it. Husband speculates that Daughter found the message on his phone and sent it.

The only marital strife Wife is aware of in her marriage is financial, due to Husband’s unemployment.

The above may have been a first episode of domestic violence in a family, seemingly completely out of the blue.

But further along the domestic violence spectrum, is this couple.

Boyfriend allegedly breaks into Girlfriend’s home, and viciously beats and rapes her.

When finished, Boyfriend warns Girlfriend that if the legal system punishes him, upon his release, he will find and kill her.

Boyfriend is indeed tried and convicted. He is serving a fifteen year plus sentence.

Girlfriends takes his threat to heart though.

She legally purchases a gun and applies herself to target practice.

She intends to be prepared for Boyfriend’s release from prison.

Ironically, she’s rather be prepared with a taser gun that would merely incapacitate Boyfriend.

But taser guns are illegal where she lives and conventional guns aren’t.

So she target practices. And files lawsuits mounting constitutional challenges to the taser gun bans drawing support from a recent Supreme Court decision.