Community Support Helps Victims of Domestic Violence Escape and Survive Domestic Abuse

This month is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Victims of domestic violence suffer all year long.

But they also manage to overcome and triumph all year long – with help, important help from the community.

The Summit [CO] Daily News article, ‘Now I’m winning’ celebrates a mother and her four daughters.

They survived by escaping domestic abuse, thanks to guidance and assistance (transitional housing assistance, therapeutic assistance and legal assistance) facilitated by Advocate for Victims of Assault.

The Naples [FL] Daily News similarly reports that Shelter Gets Grant to Help Build Transitional Housing. Such grants aid escaped victims of abuse in transitioning from shelters to independent living.

Therapeutic, housing, legal and other forms of support from the community help make it possible for victims of abuse to break free of their abusers and, just as importantly, help to lead their children to break out of what too often is a repeating cycle of abuse.