Signout of Child From School Without The Parent’s Knowledge or Permission

Right after parents split up, before any court orders are entered regarding custody and visitation, one or both parents often experience anxiety over the possibility of the other parent’s early or unapproved pickup of their child from school.

Unless and until a court orders otherwise, as a natural guardian of their child, the other parent has rights too.

Sometimes, in certain circumstances, to a parent, it may feel as though “that’s bad enough” but …

Son is a high school student in Delaware.

Suspect goes to Son’s school to pick Son up early.

School district policy prohibits anyone except a parent or legal guardian (or a third person with written authorization from a parent or legal guardian) from “signing” a student out of school early.

But Suspect is able to do so just the same. A so-called “mix-up”.

Son is returned the same day, but warrants are issued for Suspect’s arrest.

It is unclear whether Son knew Suspect or had any relationship to him.

Read more in this Milford [DE] Beacon news article: Milford police search for man who signed out high school boy without parental consent.