Slow Justice Twenty Years in Coming to Wife Who Allegedly Admits to Hiring Killer to Murder Her Husband

Real estate magnate Husband and Wife are in the middle of a contentious divorce.

Wife confirms that she is the only beneficiary of Husband’s life insurance.

Husband is shot to death outside of his girlfriend’s apartment.

Divorce doesn’t go through.

Wife collects more than $4 million from life insurance.

Wife maintains innocence of any involvement in Husband’s murder.

And goes about her business as though nothing has happened.

Twenty years go by.

Along the way, Wife files for bankruptcy.

Wife is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She is hospitalized for it several times in the last several years.

Police wiretaps capture Wife making incriminating remarks to a friend on the phone.

Wife, now elderly, pleads guilty to hiring someone to kill Husband.

Wife is sentenced to from twelve to thirty-six years in prison.

An attorney acquaintance, who reportedly was Wife’s accomplice, was convicted of murder before Wife and incarcerated for twenty-five years to life.

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