Some Grandparent Survivors of 9/11 Grieve Doubly Over No Contact with Children’s Children

One aspect of of 9/11 that may be glossed over by the general public are the grieving parents of victims, who have since been denied contact with their late children’s children. For them, a double tragedy.

Some bitter fights over visitation have wound their way through New York’s family courts over the last five and a half years, with little, if any, success. (See my previous post Grandparents’ Rights: Another Comeback?)

Other efforts have been made and battles fought outside the courts – sometimes only in the silence of the grandparents’ own hearts and minds.

Sometimes disputes were over disposition of the bodies, monies to be recovered, attempts to blot out a tragic past with a fresh start on a new future, differing house rules, pre-existing hostilities, allegations of abuse, and on and on.

Whatever the reasons, despite the nation’s boundless collective sympathies for the children and the spouses of the victims of 9/11, these grandparents’ double tragedies may have been largely ignored or forgotten.

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