Some People Think Dating / Marrying a Law Enforcement Officer is the Ultimate Protection But …

Danger can lurk in the most unlikely of places. Just ask Ex-Girlfriend.

Her Ex-Boyfriend is a deputy with our own Palm Beach County, Florida Sheriff’s office. They didn’t go the distance.

So, come Valentine’s Day, while on the job, Ex-Boyfriend allegedly detoured to Boca Raton from his Wellington patrol and:

  • secretly put a GPS tracking device on Ex-Girlfriend’s car

  • hung signs at the law firm where she works, labeling her new boyfriend “a home wrecker and a cheater”

  • posted Ex-Girlfriend’s photo online, describing her as a “cheater” and a “user”

  • hung signs near Ex-Girlfriend’s workplace, stating that Ex-Girlfriend and her new boyfriend have an STD

  • threatened to commit suicide and

  • placed unwanted orders to have pizza delivered at Ex-Girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s home

Ex-Boyfriend is arrested on misdemeanor stalking charges, and confined. This may be in his own best interests.

Ex-Boyfriend reportedly also faces criminal charges in nearby Martin County for violating a domestic violence restraining order of protection. It is unclear whether this incident pertains to Ex-Girlfriend as well.

Ex-Boyfriend’s current status with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office is not indicated. Nor whether Ex-Boyfriend has received any specialized training to respond to complaints of domestic violence.


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