Children’s Special Needs Don’t Have to Go Unrecognized and Unmet Until a Child Custody Case

Whether because of physical disabilities, emotional conditions, learning disabilities or other causes, children may have widely differing and, sometimes, special needs.

Every child has a right to a public school education which is appropriate to their needs, including their particular special needs.

But not every parent knows their child has that right. Or recognizes that their child’s needs are special.

For many people, the first time, and possibly the only time, that they will interact with an attorney is for their divorce.

And that critical time and circumstance often leads to getting their house in order, in many different respects.

Preparation for the parental responsibility / child custody, timesharing / visitation and child support aspects of a divorce or paternity case may bring a fresh as well as more experienced perspective on important unrecognized and unmet needs of the children involved.

Articles such as this Kingman [AZ] Daily Miner article: Special education a major component at KUSD help to educate the general public about how common special needs are, and the legal right of special needs children to a quality special education.

Students with recognized special needs make up about thirteen (13%) percent of the student population on average. Students with unrecognized special needs would undoubtedly raise that statistic higher.

Every exceptional student must have an individual education plan or IEP designed with their particular special needs in mind.

If your child may have special needs, they shouldn’t have to wait until a divorce or paternity case for those needs to be recognized and accommodated by an IEP.

Help should be waiting in the office of the school’s exceptional student education counselor.