Stepparent Adoptions: May Same Sex Couples Use Them?

Stepparent adoptions are simplified, streamlined adoption procedures by which the new spouse of a biological parent may relatively easily adopt their new spouse’s child.

The plain language of stepparent adoption statutes contemplates a legal marriage between a child’s existing parent and their new spouse.

In Missouri, as in Florida, homosexual couples may not legally marry.

But may they adopt using stepparent adoption?

Well, in Missouri, two or more judges have permitted just that.

It’s not clear precisely how many judges, in which counties, are approving stepparent adoptions by gay couples.

But one Missouri judge called another Missouri judge a “knucklehead” for doing so.

While blanket prohibitions of adoption by homosexual couples are being struck down in some states, such as Florida and Arkansas, lately, that, in itself, does not legalize the use of stepparent adoptions by gay couples.

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