Study Examines Why Low Income Couples Are Less Likely to Marry and More Likely to Divorce

Despite statistics bearing out that lower income people marry less frequently and divorce more frequently, a new study finds that lower income people place the same value on marriage as higher income people – and hold divorce in less favor than higher income people.

Further, lower income people have greater appreciation than higher income people of the economic impact of marriage, such as two income households.

Meaning that the explanation for the statistics does not lie with disrespect of marriage as an institution. Contrary to the government’s underlying premise in spending $1 billion trying to enhance attitudes toward marriage among those with lower incomes.

Marriages of poorer couples are more likely to suffer threats to their relationships from economic challenges and social problems such as substance abuse.

The study was based primarily on couples in Florida, but also dramatically smaller numbers in several other highly populated states.

Read more in this press release, Why do Low-Income Couples Marry Less and Divorce More? reporting on the study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family