Technology Enhancements Coming to Restraining Orders of Protection Against Domestic Violence

One of the dilemmas faced by many victims of domestic violence is that they depend upon child support and / or alimony and spousal support from their abusers to get by.

That financial dependence, as well as fear, inhibits them from reporting the domestic violence perpetrated against them to law enforcement authorities … and sometimes even inhibits them from seeking domestic violence injunctions and restraining orders of protection.

On the other side of the spectrum, confinement may be imposed to soothe a victim even when bail or release might be entertained without appreciable risk to the community.

Grasping the opposing tensions at work in the context of domestic violence, Maine is testing a potential solution: electronic monitoring anklets / bracelets on those accused of domestic violence, whether in lieu of bail or, next, on parole.

This puts teeth into a no contact order of injunction for protection against domestic violence. Inexpensively. Efficiently. Effectively.

Currently implemented only in cases where there is deemed to be “just” a moderately high risk of recurrence of domestic violence. (If too high, confinement is preferable. If too low, it seems like overkill.)

This would seem to be a win, win, win for all concerned. Hopefully, other states are watching…

Read more in this [Portland, ME] WGME CBS TV 13 news article:I-Team Investigates: Electronic monitoring of domestic abusers used sparingly, but growing .