Technology May Aid Amicable Couples and Families in Inventorying and Dividing Personal Property

Anyone who has had to inventory personal property and distribute it knows it’s a complex process on multiple levels.

Lawyers have computer programs to assist them in this process, but those programs generally recognize only one dimension of personal property – present fair market value.

Personal property and the people involved are multi-dimensional though and emotions may impact both subjective valuation and the distribution process.

Divorcing and separating couples are among those who must work through this distribution process.

A web-based program offers to assist people with inventorying their assets and distributing them collaboratively and cooperatively.

For couples breaking up, this vehicle permits safe interaction at arm’s length.

For aging relatives and dispersed extended families, it also permits interaction item by item over time and distance.

This tool probably won’t help couples or families who are at war, but it may be worth considering for those who aren’t.

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