Texas Program Enhances Child Support Collections, Reduces Unemployment of NonCustodial Parents and Cuts Unemployment and Public Assistance Claims

The Texas Attorney General’s office and the Texas Workforce Commission work together to facilitate continued employment for Texas parents and ongoing payment of child support by noncustodial parents.

The lynchpin of their efforts is court orders mandating employment training and recruiting services for parents behind in their child support.

The program has proven both empowering for parents and cost-effective for the state.

Every dollar spent in providing services to parents yields a return of three dollars in collected child support.

Further, unemployment claims by noncustodial parents and public assistance claims are reduced, and more children are covered by medical insurance.

Some 7,500 delinquent parents have gone through the program since 2005 … and have since paid more than $25 million in support.

The Texas program is reportedly one of the most successful of its kind in the nation.

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