Texas Strikes Out against Visitation Orders That Parents Can’t Understand

In Texas, a lot of parents evidently can’t understand their court-ordered visitation.

Actually, that’s not just true in Texas.

Floridians also find errors – and omissions – in their visitation orders all the time, as well as totally incomprehensible provisions.

A lot of it stems from use of uniform forms, whose primary virtue is, well, uniformity.

Unfortunately, they often lack clarity and comprehensiveness, while containing contradictions and ambiguity.

So what’s a parent to do, if they each interpret the darn thing differently?

The State of Texas is trying to rise to that occasion.

The state’s Attorney General’s office and the Access to Justice Foundation are jointly offering free monthly legal clinics to help parents figure out their visitation orders.

The State also offers a visitation phone hotline manned by attorneys. The hotline serves 1,500 callers per month.

Another strategy for addressing this problem might be to have better model forms for visitation orders.

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