The Importance of Being Prompt in Filing for a Modification of Support If Your Income Drops and You Can No Longer Afford The Previously Court-Ordered Payments

Husband is court-ordered to pay support. Child support or spousal support or both.

Husband gets laid off and his only income is from unemployment.

He cannot afford to pay his court-ordered support.

He stops paying entirely. Or pays what he can.

Leaving a large monthly deficiency.

In the current economy, getting a comparable job could take a while.

What should Husband do?

Well, too often Husband just continues to limp along, month after month, his back support obligation growing larger and larger by the month.

Naively thinking that his unemployment will excuse his nonpayment of support and get him off the hook.

Unfortunately for him, no such luck.

The only way Husband can contain the damage is to file for a modification of support. Immediately.

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