The Divorce Loan Debuts in Japan

Divorce is expensive.

Two households now have to be supported, often on the same income that previously supported one.

Many child-related expenses have to be duplicated in both households.

There are numerous special expenses incidental to a separation.

Lawyers have to be paid for the legal proceedings.

Sometimes accountants and a host of other experts in the legal proceedings have to be paid.

And on and on.

One, if not both spouses often find it tough to keep up.

So Japan has innovated a solution – or at least an aid.

The Divorce Loan.

A relatively low-interest special-purpose loan to divorcing parties.

This sounds like a great idea that would catch on here in the States, if given a chance.

Especially if the underwriting criteria are flexible enought to accommodate the current circumstances of dependent spouses and needy parents.

Read more in this Reuters UK article: From heart-broken to broke? Japan divorce loan helps.