The Sometimes Yellow Brick Road to The Lure of the Uncontested Divorce

Husband and Wife have been married for over two decades. Wife has been unhappy for a long time.

But now the kids are grown and on their own. Wife is ready for her divorce.

An uncontested divorce is what she wants. After all, it’s cheaper, faster and easier that way.

Yes, of course, other things being equal, an uncontested divorce is going to be less costly, quicker and less emotional than a contested divorce. But other things aren’t always equal.

That’s Wife’s situation.

Wife gave Husband the uncontested divorce paperwork to sign. About a year ago.

But Husband just won’t sign it. He comes up with excuse after excuse for delaying it.

Wife finally realizes / accepts that Husband isn’t going to sign off on an uncontested divorce.

Wife thinks Husband is undergoing a middle-aged sexual identity crisis. Hiding from the truth.

Clinging to the marriage as though it validates the image of himself that he wants everyone – including himself – to buy.

She may be right. She may be wrong. It doesn’t really matter.

Wife can’t force Husband to sign the uncontested divorce paperwork that she paid for. And she can’t get her uncontested divorce without Husband’s signoff.

So her uncontested divorce is dead in the water. So close, yet so far.

Wife is just about ready to give up on getting her divorce. Of course, she has other options.

Such as simply filing for a divorce and letting the case play out.

The odds are decent that Husband won’t actually contest any aspect of the divorce. Husband is frugal and even-tempered.

While Husband may not want the divorce, he may not dread it enough to spend significant sums of money and emotional upset to fight it – futilely.

Because if Wife wants a divorce, she’s going to be able to get one. If she actually files for divorce, that is.

But Wife isn’t going to file. Her heart is set on an uncontested divorce. Or nothing.

It’s Wife’s life. She can stay in her unhappy marriage indefinitely … and wait for Husband to sign off on the uncontested divorce paperwork.

And wait. And wait.

Cheaper, faster, easier? Not so much.