Think Florida Divorce Costs? The Tab for the Right to Marry is Likely $1 Million

While so many people are preoccupied with getting a divorce and the costs associated with that, a whole lot of other folks battled long and hard for the right to marry. And so did their family law attorneys.

Two Jacksonville, Florida law firms were at it since February of 2014. Through trial and appeal in federal court here in Florida, on behalf of one gay couple living in northern Florida.

The co-counsels’ joint efforts ultimately prevailed in overcoming Florida’s ban on gay marriage. And for their labors, they are asking the Florida federal court to award their legal team over $457,000.

And they didn’t fight the fight alone. A second legal team downstate was also very active in the fight, on behalf of a gay man in here Palm Beach County.

The South Florida legal team, consisting of a private law firm and the American Civil Liberties Union, has not pursued its fees yet. While it is just conjecture at this point, it is probably not unreasonable to speculate that their legal work will tote up relatively similarly.

Not unpredictably, Florida’s state government is opposing.

So far, the various states’ collective legal fees to secure gay marriage rights top $10 million. And the numbers will only climb as additional law firm claims are advanced.

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