Thinking of Divorce? Time to Update Your Medical and Estate Planning Documents

No one likes to think about death or illness. That’s human nature under the best of circumstances.

They want to think about it even less during or right after a divorce. That’s understandable.

And exactly the reason that I remind every client to do this anyway no later than immediately upon their divorce. Possibly even sooner.

There really is no more convenient time. All the assets are freshly inventoried and itemized. That’s half the work.

A Wall Street Journal columnist dramatically illustrates the importance of updating will and beneficiary designations to avoid unintended windfalls to your ex or your ex’s family upon your death after divorce.

In some states, statutes override seemingly obsolete bequests and beneficiary designations, but others don’t. Besides, laws can change. Why leave something this important to chance?

But this isn’t just about gifts and inheritances.

Imagine the worst imaginable scenario. You become seriously ill or injured and medical decisions have to be made by someone else.

Would you want the decision-maker over your life and health to be your ex? Or someone in your ex’s family?

Again, some states have statutes that prevent this, but some don’t. And laws can change.

Something this important is worth a little time and should not be left to chance. The stakes are simply too high.

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