‘Til Debt Do Us Part

USA Today recently published an insightful article about the significant role that money conflicts play in a substantial percentage of unraveling marriages.

The unspoken message in the article is that financial compatibility is as important to the success of a marriage as any other type of compatibility.

Taking that a step further, it should not be surprising that lack of (or poor) communication about money, as well as incompatible attitudes toward spending and debt, both often contribute toward failure to reach an amicable settlement of money issues in divorces triggered by financial incompatibility.

The only bright spot in the picture painted is that people often learn from this experience in a first failed marriage and tackle money compatibility head-on before tying the knot again.

One of the untouted side benefits of negotiating prenups is that they promote, even demand, forthright discussions about attitudes toward money and property and money and property goals as well as wishes in the event of death and/or divorce.