Toddler Dies Shortly After Child Welfare Agency Places Her in Halfway House with her Father

California Mother and Father have two year old Toddler who is unable to speak, developmentally delayed and otherwise disabled.

Mother is reportedly intellectually disabled as well, and was determined to be unable to care for Toddler.

Father is reportedly an ex-convict with a history of substance abuse.

Accordingly, Toddler was taken into protective custody by California’s child welfare agency.

Since his release from confinement, Father resides in a group home under the auspices of the juvenile dependency court.

The child welfare agency inexplicably removed Toddler from another placement with an experienced foster family and placed Toddler instead with Father in the group home. But all placements are required to be approved by a judicial officer.

Less than sixty days later, she was found lifeless.

Toddler’s cause of death has not yet been determined, but the placement with Father in the group home is unusual – and questionable.

In fact, Toddler’s doctor allegedly did question it via letter to Toddler’s social worker. And Toddler’s previous foster mother contends the proper procedure for Toddler’s change of placement was not followed.

Still, a former foster parent indicated that Toddler was prone to choking and vomiting.

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