Two PA Grandmothers Share Parental Responsibility and Rotating Physical Custody

A four year old Pennsylvania girl is the subject of an order awarding joint, rotating custody of her. The child will move from one custodian to another every seven days.

Not typical, but not unheard of either.

What is unusual is who the alternating custodians are: the child’s two maternal grandmothers.

The little girl’s father murdered her mother and then himself in the middle of their own custody battle, leaving the child an orphan.

The grandmothers settled on this custody arrangement in the middle of a custody trial. They also agreed that one grandfather, a Florida resident, would have visitation rights and be permitted to participate in the little girl’s therapy sessions.

The arrangement may need to be modified when the child starts school in a year. But, at least until that time, the two grandmothers share parental responsibility.

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