UK Banker Allegedly Kills Wife Over Her Affairs (His Is OK, Of Course) and Feared Divorce Losses

Husband is a senior banking executive.

After fifteen years of marriage, Husband, Wife and Children appear to be living the good life.

Except Husband is having an affair.

And so is Wife. Two actually.

But Husband is possessive and unwilling to lose what he has worked to obtain.

Wife is mindful of her “entitlements” under the law and wants custody of their Children.

Husband begins diverting lots of money to separate accounts.

Husband taps into Wife’s e-mails and text messages.

Husband tape records hours upon hours of Wife’s conversations with her lovers.

And finally, Husband allegedly strangles Wife to death.

Husband apparently claims self-defense.

Wife’s body bears bruises practically all over.

Read more in this UK Times article: Bank boss ‘strangled his wife after discovering two affairs’.