UK Divorce Court Awards Wife Attorney’s Fees of US $225,000 Due to Husband’s Grossly Improper Behavior in Case

UK Husband and Wife are divorcing after twenty plus years of marriage.

Husband is successful and has accumulated about US $2 million in assets.

This divorce has been particularly contentious.

Husband has gone above and beyond merely selling or giving away Wife’s possessions, without her permission, threatening to leave her penniless and out on the streets, and calling her a prostitute.

No, during the course of thirty – count ’em – hearings, Husband has allegedly actually gone so far as to physically assault both Wife and her attorney.

Evoking displeasure in pretty much everyone else involved in the divorce proceedings.

Oh, and earning him criminal charges. Over which he has reportedly skipped out on his bail and fled the country, rather than face up to his sentencing.

That’s not all that hasn’t gone Husband’s way in connection with his divorce.

The UK divorce court awarded Wife half of the couple’s accumulated assets … plus roughly US $225,000 in legal fees.

And departed from custom by identifying the parties to the media, due to Husband’s unacceptable conduct in the case.

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