UK Husband Convicted of Murder After Wife’s Request that He Move out of the Marital Residence Due to Affair

UK Husband had been a forensic accountant. Just the type of expert professional who might have made his career “following the money” and testifying in divorce cases.

Only this time, the matter at hand wasn’t someone else’s divorce. It was his own Wife whose lawyer had written him a letter asking him to leave the marital home.

He was having an affair. But he didn’t want to leave the marital home or his children.

So he argued with Wife one evening about leaving the home. The argument escalated.

He reportedly banged her head against the floor and doorframe.

And then he allegedly grabbed several kitchen knives and began stabbing his Wife. In all, eighty-six times.

While he had a history of mental illness and offered that as a defense, there was no evidence to suggest that his mental illness was not well-managed at the time of the killing.

He was charged with murder and later convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for nineteen years.

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