UK To Begin Teaching Child Support System in Elementary Schools

Delinquency in child support is a huge problem in this country. And in the UK too.

In the UK in 2005, there were 330,000 cases in arrears, to the extent of 3 billion UK pounds.

So the Brits came up with a hoped-for solution to stem the tide.

A new class in elementary school that will teach children to assume responsibility for supporting their own children. As well as the consequences of failing to do so – right down to the lengths of jail sentences they can expect for their delinquency.

At the same time, the UK’s support enforcement agency is lobbying for greater enforcement powers, such as the ability to confiscate passports and revoke driver’s licenses administratively, without judicial process.

This new class may do more than sex education to reduce unwanted teen pregnancies. Perhaps the US should follow suit …

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