UK Wife Successfully Flees Turkish Husband and Alleged Abuser with Daughter Only to Be Ordered by UK Court to Return with Daughter to Turkey for Child Custody Case

Turkish Husband and British Wife and baby Daughter live in Turkey … and UK.

Couple are divorcing.

Wife flees with Daughter from Turkey to UK via Greece.

Wife obtains an order of protection in the UK upon learning that Husband is in London.

Husband makes application for return of Daughter to Turkey under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

Wife contends in a UK Court that Husband abuses her and that Husband and his family abducted Daughter last year.

UK Court finds that Husband and Wife evenly divided their time between the UK and Turkey (meaning that either country could be viewed as the child’s “habitual residence” under the Hague Convention), but that Daughter was born in Turkey.

Expressing its opinion that the Turkish courts are “much admired” in the UK and that the Turkish Court has shown no bias in Husband’s and Wife’s case, the UK Court orders Wife to return to Turkey with Daughter for the custody case.

Wife is devastated by the ruling.

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