Unhappily Married and Drowning in Debt? Bankruptcy May Be the Answer

Times are tough. Especially for those wishfully contemplating divorce.

Even more especially for those who are upside down in their homes and possibly facing foreclosure and/or overburdened by credit card debt.

For some, bankruptcy may be the best or only way not only to escape a bad marriage, but also to get their love lives and financial lives back on track, according to a bankruptcy attorney.

This strategy may work best where both spouses are on board with it and go through bankruptcy prior to final judgment in their divorce.

It is important to realize that bankruptcy cannot discharge alimony or child support obligations, past, present or future.

Also, the law has changed over the last several years, and debt may not be as freely dischargeable and marital property settlements may not be as easy to circumvent as in the past.

Still, consulting with a bankruptcy attorney knowledgeable of bankruptcy law as it applies to divorce and paternity-related issues just may make all the difference to those wishfully contemplating divorce but saddled with overwhelming debt.

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