Unilateral Relocation for a Job May Cost a Custodial Parent Custody – and Substantial Legal Fees

Pennsylvania Mother has primary physical custody of her three children.

Mother moves to another county for employment.

Mother claims she did not know that she wasn’t at liberty to move.

Court orders Mother to move back to original county – and modifies physical custody to shared.

A retired Pennsylvania judge suggests that the only problem here was that Mother just moved, without first seeking permission of the Court. Which might not have been difficult to obtain.

Technically, this type of relocation may constitute a kidnapping under the custody order.

Mother reportedly racked up substantial legal fees as a result of her relocation.

With unemployment at its height for many years, many custodial parents may be tempted to relocate for a better job, or any job.

But it may be imprudent – and costly, in more ways than one – to simply move.

It is always prudent to ask the court’s permission before relocating, no matter how good a reason there is for the relocation.

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