The Deciding Factor in Child Custody is … the Children’s Vegan Diet?

Although the statutes set out criteria for determining residential custody of children, they are written in such a way as to allow the family court judge enormous discretion.

In close child custody cases, it may be difficult to predict what will “tip the scales” toward one parent or the other.

In one high profile Tampa divorce with custody of five children, quintuplets, in issue, one factor receiving substantial media attention is the mother’s reported commitment to raising the children on a Vegan diet prohibiting not only meat but also any foods not derived from plants.

This is an uncommon diet for children and the father is allegedly challenging it. And he’s not the first to do so.

The father also alleges that the mother has limited contact between the children and his parents because his parents have leather furniture and might feed the children non-Vegan foods.

Is the father just grasping at straws?

In a recent Atlanta criminal case, a baby on a Vegan diet died of malnutrition. The parents were found guilty.

It may be more difficult to achieve proper nutritional balance on the Vegan diet.

Is the father just grasping at straws?

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