Virginia Mother Allegedly Attempts to Murder Father Who Was Awarded Sole Custody of Their Daughter

Virginia Mother and Father conceive a Child.

Mother and Father split up before Father learns of pregnancy.

Years pass.

Mother introduces Child to Father.

Father is now married to another woman.

Father seeks visitation.

Mother and Father engage in bitter court battle.

And then the Court reportedly awards Father sole custody.

Mother starts Children Without a Voice, an advocacy group for women who have lost custody to their children’s father.

Mother allegedly decides to hire a hit man to murder Father and get him out of the picture.

Except the hit man Mother pays is an undercover law enforcement officer.

Mother is arrested for solicitation to commit murder … and attempted murder.

Mother pleads guilty to attempted murder, and the remaining charges are dropped.

Mother faces two terms of incarceration for life, plus a $200,000 fine.

Of course, Mother still won’t have custody of Child.

And Mother’s visitation, if any, will be less than optimal.

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