Wealthy Canadian Blames His Ex For Getting Him Slapped with Large Temporary Child Support Award

A divorced Canadian man (“Father”) could apparently write the book on irritating the judge presiding over his case.

Father and his former wife (“Mother”) have a 5 year old child together (“Daughter”).

Mother took Father to court to increase Father’s child support payments.

Father, apparently, bitterly attacked Mother in court for trying to transfer his wealth to her, completely ignoring, reportedly even denying the fact that child support is for Daughter.

In 2005, when the original child support award was apparently calculated, Father earned less than Canadian $83,000 per year.

In 2006, Father’s income catapulted to Canadian $3.5 million.

In 2008, Father’s income soared to Canadian $6.5 million.

The Canadian Court evidently viewed the exponential change in Father’s income as justifying a change in child support for Daughter, despite Father’s objections.

In fact, the Court ordered temporary monthly child support of $31,000.

That is said to have broken the record for the greatest temporary child support award in Canada.

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