Wealthy Husband Flaunts New Younger Girlfriend, and Wife Reopens Alleged Temporary Support Agreement

New Mexico Husband and Wife have been married for over 18 years. They have two teenagers.

Husband is a wealthy investment fund portfolio manager.

Divorce was reportedly advancing amicably, with both having agreed to temporary alimony of $5 million for a year, while the parties’ real estate is sold.

Then Husband began stepping out with his new love interest … a Manhattanite who bears a striking resemblance and similarity to Wife … only fifteen years younger.

That may have been a strategic miscalculation on his part.

Wife allegedly now insists that the supposedly agreed upon $5 million won’t cut it after all.

Given that the parties reportedly enjoyed an annual income of $50 million and annual expenses of about $9 million for the past decade, Wife may actually have a point about the challenges of maintaining the marital standard of living for herself on just $5 million.

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