Wedding Cakes: Move Over and Make Way for … Divorce Cakes

A bakery in neighboring Broward County, Florida recently added a new treat to its menu: divorce cakes.

Divorce cakes help to “celebrate” – what else? – divorce.

Ironically, divorce cakes taste the same as wedding cakes.

But they look a little different.

The happy bride and groom atop the cake are substituted with the customer’s choice of:

  • a man and woman on separated sections of cake
  • a prison cell and the proverbial ball and chain – with the chain broken
  • a man taken out with the trash by the wife
  • a man sitting on a street curb
  • a woman about to push a man down a waterfall and
  • the “broken marriage” cemetery, filled with tombstones and an open casket containing a ring.

Some folks actually believe that eating a divorce cake provides more closure than a divorce trial or uncontested final divorce hearing.

Read more in this Orlando [FL] Sentinel article by way of [Hilton Head SC] Island Packet: Divorce cakes help sweeten bakery’s business.