Wedding Jitters? Divorce Premonition? Why Didn’t I Go For That Prenup?

Couples are always shocked when their marriage falls apart. Or are they? Really?

A recent survey of about sixteen hundred divorced couples in the UK actually suggests quite the opposite.

More than half of the survey participants revealed that they had serious doubts about going through with their marriage right up until their wedding day.

Astonishingly, only thirty-six percent of the survey participants felt optimistic about their marital future. Fifteen percent reported actually feeling physically ill.

Yet ninety percent never uttered a word to their intended. About thirty percent unloaded on a good friend or their mother.

Given such reservations, one can’t help but wonder why the couples went through with their weddings. The researchers wondered as well, and asked.

The reasons reported included:

1. They hoped they were wrong

2. It was the last minute

3. They thought it was normal to have such doubts

4. They felt guilty for having doubts

5. They didn’t want to disappoint their family

6. They thought their intended would change for the better after the wedding

7. They were embarrassed

8. They didn’t want to let go of their intended

9. They and their family had invested too much into the wedding

10. They had children together and wanted to create a family and home for them.

It would be very interesting to conduct the same survey with a representative cross section of married couples.

One thing is almost certain. Most of these couples might have eased their minds and saved themselves a pretty penny and a whole lot of stress and aggravation by having a premarital conversation and entering a prenuptial agreement.

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