When All Other Grounds to Avoid Alimony Fail, Two Different Indians Conclude They Have Nothing to Lose Trying to Deny the Validity of the Marriage

To what lengths will some go to avoid paying alimony?

Well, in India, not one, but two different men went so far as to deny that they had ever been married to the women seeking alimony from them.

In the first case, the former husband contended that their wedding did not conform to the requirements of the Hindu Marriage Act and therefore his former wife had not been his wife and had no standing to seek alimony.

But the trial court rejected the former husband’s contention because there was a valid marriage license and the marriage was in fact reflected in the official marriage records for the community.

In the second case, the husband apparently claimed that the wife’s prior marriage had not been legally dissolved, so they could not have been married.

But the wife proved that her divorce had been finalized before the marriage and she introduced the wedding invitations her husband had had printed. At which point the husband withdrew his asserted defense.

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