Who Watches the People Entrusted With Looking Out For Our Children?

Mom and Dad divorce.

Mom is awarded custody.

And Dad is denied visitation.

Then Child Protective Services takes children away from Mom due to Mom’s alleged drug use.

Children are placed with Dad.

According to reports, no one from Child Protective Services read the divorce court case file.

Dads are not denied all visitation lightly.

It’s actually real tough to have visitation completely withheld.

It is alleged that no one from Child Protective Services did a criminal background check on Dad either.

It is also alleged that Child Protective Services never did any followup home visits.

Now one of the children is known to be dead. Her murder was brutal.

The other child’s body has not been found in months, but he is presumed dead.

Mom has sued the state and Child Protective Services for damages for their alleged negligence.

Who watches the ones entrusted with looking out for our children?

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