Why Some Marriages Are Doomed to Fail … Almost from the Start

Some marriages never stand a chance. Here are some reasons why failure may strike fast.

  1. Cheating practically out of the gate.
  1. Dramatic personality change immediately after the wedding.
  1. The marriage was nothing more than a means to an end, such as having a child, right now … and it doesn’t happen right now.
  1. Latent substance abusive tendencies come to the fore shortly after wedding bells ring.
  1. They develop a new fascination with someone else.
  1. They begin to act as though you are chattel and must do as they wish.
  1. Unrecognized incompatibility of needs and ways of interacting.
  1. Youth and ignorance about what they wanted.
  1. Multiple unrelated stresses flare contemporaneously.
  1. They rushed into the marriage because of logistical issues.

This list is not without overlap and duplication.

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