Wife Challenges Billionaire’s Alleged Gifts of Expensive Real Estate to Daughter Despite Court-Ordered Freeze on Marital Assets

Husband and Wife are going through a divorce after twenty-four years of marriage. In Switzerland.

They are an international couple and divide their time among various locales. One of them being New York City.

Since their divorce was filed in 2008, Husband buys an apartment in Central Park West. A penthouse unit.

For $88 million. It may be for the couple’s adult daughter’s use. Or not.

Husband is a multi-billionaire. And Wife asserts that Husband bought the property, through a sham entity, to try to hide marital assets.

In alleged violation of a Swiss family court order freezing the couple’s marital assets during the divorce.

And so she filed a lawsuit in New York State, asking the court to impose a trust on the property for the protection of Wife’s interest in the property.

Husband acquired an even more expensive property in the West Palm Beach, Florida area in 2008. Wife previously filed a lawsuit in Florida similar to her New York lawsuit.

With the couple holding assets all over the world, such measures could grow tedious upon sufficient repetitions.