Wife Seeks Increased Child Support to Cover Hers and Children’s Expenses, Such as $60 Per Week in McDonald’s Meals for Their Son

Australian Husband and Wife have two children.

Husband and Wife split up.

The Australian family court orders Husband to pay Wife $800 per week as temporary support, based upon their pre-separation standard of living.

Later, the Australian family court modifies the support award down to $300 per week.

Wife now seeks increased child support for Son and spousal support for herself. Wife claims that her weekly household expenses come to $1,800.

Among the expenses in Wife’s budget: $60 for their son’s meals at McDonalds over the course of one week.

Husband insists that he cannot afford more than $300 per week.

The Australian family court modifies the support award back up to the originally ordered $800 per week.

But maintains that Wife must adjust her children’s and her own lifestyles and expenses. Such as cutting back on Son’s McDonald’s spending.

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