Wife Who Defeated New York Prenup Arrested for Trying to Board Plane with Brass Knuckles

New York Wife doesn’t just take things lying down.

For example, her multi-millionaire Husband lobbed a prenuptial agreement at her just a few months before their extravagant wedding. And threatened to back out of their wedding if she didn’t sign it.

After her parents had shelled out $40,000 for the reception. For other folks, that’s a chunk of change.

The thing is though, according to Wife, Husband promised her a) that he would add her to the title of their home and b) that he would shred the prenup after they had children together.

Well, they did. But he didn’t.

So the New York family courts did it for him. And they were upheld by the intermediate and highest appellate courts in New York State. A pretty uncommon thing in the universe of antenuptial agreements.

And thereby set off shockwaves that rippled through the troubled waters of New York’s wealthy and aspiring wealthy.

How could such a thing happen?

Well, to be honest, a couple of atypical, extenuating circumstances may have factored in here.

First, this particular prenuptial agreement really was just about as one-sided as you can get.

Husband’s business is worth $20 to $30 million.

But, under the prenup, Wife was only entitled to a paltry $25,000 for each year they remained married. (So, to put things in perspective, her parents wouldn’t even recoup the cost of the reception if Husband tired of Wife before two (2) years had elapsed after their wedding date.)

And, other than that, Husband would keep the whole entire shooting match. Perhaps the New York family courts (and appellate courts) deemed that just a tad unfair.

Oh, and, second, the prenup wasn’t signed until just a mere four (4) days before their wedding. No pressure.

Interestingly, Wife represented herself for some portion of her divorce case. Which is actually old news, from 2 years ago.

But, for better or worse, Wife has some notoriety now. People take notice of the smallest things.

Like her trying to board a plane at Kennedy Airport with an intimidating set of brass knuckles. That’s the current news.

Such things are not allowed on airplanes these days. And so Wife was arrested and detained long enough to miss her flight (but her sons were allowed to continue on their flight to Florida).

Wife followed a bit later, with her “desk appearance ticket” for her court date on the charge of criminal possession of a weapon.

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