Will I Be Divorced When I Grow Up?

Will a spouse’s marriage last, or end in divorce?

Research psychologists from DePauw University think they can predict with some degree of accuracy.

It all depends on the spouse’s smile … when he or she was a child.

Specifically, the frequency and intensity of the smile in youth.

That’s right.

Smilers and, especially, big smilers, were considerably less likely to get divorced.

In the study, no participants in the top ten percent of smilers divorced.

In contrast, twenty-five percent of the least smiley had an unsuccessful marriage.

Statistically, the biggest smilers have only an eleven percent likelihood of divorcing.

The least smiley have a thirty-one percent chance of divorcing.


It’s not clear.

Smilers may simply be happier and attract happier people into their lives.

Or they accept bumps in the road more happily.

Or they have a larger support network to help them get through tough times.

Or there may be some other reason entirely.

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