Women Owe It To Themselves to Get Acquainted With Family Assets and Finances Before Divorce Strikes

When the marriage hits the rocks, the wife is far more likely to be in the dark about the couple’s assets and income than the husband is.

Too often, the wife is inclined to settle quickly for what their husband will agree to give them in order to be done with the divorce quickly.

But they may later come to regret that.

A more prudent course is for women to acquaint themselves with their marital finances and collect copies of financial records before the divorce is upon them.

That can save a lot of time and money, and goes a long way toward ensuring a fair division of property.

In cases where there are sufficient assets and income in issue, the wife should have an accountant and a financial advisor on her divorce team with her lawyer.

In some cases, if necessary, it may also be worthwhile to borrow money if the Wife does not have sufficient liquid assts to meet her short-term living expenses and case expenses.

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