Writer and Media Attorney Spar Over Child Custody With All The Fine Touches of a Mystery Movie Plot

Brooklyn, New York Mother and Father have toddler Son together.

Mother is a novelist, filmmaker and adjunct professor at a large university. Father is a corporate attorney in a successful internet media company.

Mother and Father separated and are now embroiled in a dramatic battle over custody and visitation of their Son, as well as alleged domestic violence.

Their disputes reportedly span three different Brooklyn courts, family court, domestic violence court and criminal court.

Mother has alleged that Father has tried to poison her with arsenic and other heavy metals; manipulate her into believing that she is losing her mind; and terrorized her with elaborately conceived schemes of her mutilation and death.

Noteworthy, lab reports allegedly corroborate that Mother’s blood contains abnormally high quantities of arsenic and that some prepared food supposedly purchased by Father contained unusually great concentrations of arsenic and heavy metals.

Nonetheless, Mother’s own father reportedly testified for Father, and the family court awarded custody of Son to Father.

Mother is continuing her campaign to regain custody of Son with, among other things, affidavits from famous friends who are of the opinion that she is a great mom. But her case is clouded by pending assault charges pressed against her by her own stepmother.

On the other hand, Father must also defend against domestic violence charges for allegedly attempting to choke Mother in her bed.

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