You Can’t Reduce Child Support or Alimony Obligations or Arrearages Retroactively … So You Must File to Modify Support Immediately If You Suffer An Interruption or Reduction in Your Income

You lost your job.

Or your hours were reduced.

Or just your pay.

You’ve been trying to keep up with your court-ordered child support.

And/or your court-ordered alimony and spousal support.

But you just can’t do it.

You’re falling further and further behind.

You keep hoping your hours or pay will go back up.

Or maybe that you’ll be able to find a new job, or a second job that will enable you to meet your current obligations, maybe even to catch up.

So you just keep on waiting and hoping … and struggling.

Imagining that you can always go back to court later to deal with any arrearages. (Wrong.)

Soon, your past due support is really out of control.

And, eventually, your ex files to take you back to court because of your arrearages.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Unfortunately, you. Your waiting and hoping.

That didn’t do you any good at all. In fact, it hurt you really badly.

When you are subject to a court-ordered support obligation, whether it’s alimony and spousal support or child support, if you suffer an interruption and/or reduction in your income, you must take swift legal action to modify your alimony and spousal support obligations and/or to modify your child support obligations. No ifs, ands or buts.

Under Florida family law, you cannot reduce your alimony and spousal support obligations or your child support obligations retroactively. In other words, a Florida family court cannot do anything about arrearages you’ve already racked up. You’re stuck with them.

That is why it’s absolutely critical to file a modification of support case immediately. As soon as disaster strikes.

Under Florida divorce and child support law, you can reduce your alimony and spousal support obligations or your child support obligations prospectively, or going forward. In other words, a Florida family court can reduce your support obligations going forward, from the date that you file for modification of support.

So, prompt filing of your modification of child support case and/or modification of alimony and spousal support case is the only way to beat a pile-up of arrearages.

Please don’t be like the many people who wait far too long before consulting Florida divorce and family law attorneys like me about enormous arrearages they’ve already accrued since losing a job.